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  • Slips over any work boot. 


  • Non-slip extra grip. 


  • Durable, portable and reusable. 


  • Easy to clean. 


  • M (8-10)  L (10-12)  XL (12-15)

For safety reasons, you need to keep your work boots on while working inside peoples homes. Plus, by wearing these clean boot covers, you never walk the dirt inside the home or leave boot marks behind.


SHOW YOU CARE  by Wearing a Pair of Tidy Clean Boot Covers!

When working in big expensive homes, I used to think it was professional to take off my boots before entering the clients home, but was reluctant to do so for safety reasons. Plus I didn't like being caught out wearing my old socks. Imagine the clients smile, when they open the front door and see me wearing a pair of Clean Boot covers. Now I always get nicely greeted and I feel safer keeping my boots on. Highly recommended!


Tony - Sydney



"Tony at Tidy Tradie has been helping us deliver great customer service with his mats and boot covers, all our customers love them!

Tidy Tradie delivers absolutely fantastic service orders are usually dispatched the same day and never take more than a couple of days to arrive.





CleanBoot - Work Boot Covers

Boot Covers, Overshoes, Shoe Covers. If you don't wear them in your client's home, you could dirty their carpet & your reputation. Cleanboot Covers allow you to keep your safety boots on, while keeping your client's happy. Something to seriously consider for improving tradie customer service.

Cleanboots Dirty boots

Messy, Careless Tradesman!

Tidy, Professional Tradesman!



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Highly Durable Boot Covers!


Not like those blue hospital grade shoe covers, which were never made for tradies.

Tradie booties Highly durable boot covers